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Removing a tattoo doesn't always need to be painful experience, there are natural alternatives which cause no skin scarring, infection, hyperpigmentation or bleeding unlike the other tattoo removal methods such as excision, dermabrasion, salabrasion or lasers.

For some reasons (hint: laser removal centers getting richer and richer), laser tattoo removal is always projected as the only best option to remove a tattoo even though it is painful, expensive and cause skin scarring. https://www.pinterest.com/explore/natural-tattoo-removal/

Do you think LASER tattoo removal existed in 1850s? But the habit of tattooing among humans are as old as many centuries and so is the need to remove tattoo. How did our ancestors got rid of their tattoo when there's no laser?

The natural tattoo removal is also as old as tattooing, but they are least known or least explored. If only natural tattoo removal method is made as popular as Q-switched laser tattoo removal, the doctors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo_removal, tattoo removal centers, tattoo removal centers, tattoo removal cream manufacturers can't make as much as money from you.

Besides they have a trail of side effects it brings along. Do you know that many tattoo removal creams are just pure marketing hypes and they contain potentially dangerous chemicals such as TCA (TriChloro Acetic Acid) and Hydroquinone. They cause skin cancer and many damages, not only to skin but also to our internal organs (fumes from TCA irritate lungs). Even 5% TCA is not safe and corrosive...but these tattoo removal creams are just using almost as high as 50% concentrated TCA (most of these tattoo removal cream manufacturers are shady...by not listing these dangerous chemicals on their labels)

Natural Tattoo Removal - Pros and Cons

The ancient world used a more natural approach to anything, which obviously extended their life span and they were much more energetic and healthier than we are today.

Tattooing is way to express yourself and so is your decision to remove it, you don't have to live with the tattoos you regret.

You can use a combination of 12 natural products to remove your tattoo, they bring no side effects, they are 100% natural, thay cause no skin scarring and they are absolutely cheap besides they work each and every time, no matter how dark they are, how old they are or what pigments are used.

Let's get back behind how tattoos leaves a mark in first place in order to better understand how natural products assure removing them.

Modern electric tattoo guns create thousands of puncture wounds in the skin to inject tattoo pigment and form the tattoo. The ink particles are effectively trapped by a network of connective tissue in a type of cell called a Fibroblast. This is the connective tissue that produces fibers such as collagen.

This entire process causes damage to the epidermis and the dermis and they become blended together as a result of the mutilated layer that usually separates the two. The body responds by bleeding at the surface of the skin as a result of the severed capillaries. The immune system responds by swelling to shut down the blood flow. The immune response cells then begin cleaning up by sending the ink through the lymph node nearest the tattoo site. At first the ink is dispersed in the upper region of the skin, but within 1 to 2 weeks it becomes more concentrated in a single area as new tissue begins to form around the ink and traps it in the dermal fibroblasts.

After about 30 days the two layers of skin have healed enough to trap the ink and within 90 days the tattoo ink is completely surrounded by connective tissue that holds the ink in place. Over time, usually many years, it will begin to subside deeper into the dermis, or second layer of skin making removal even more difficult.

How natural tattoo removal works?

So the key here is to increase the immune cells which increase the chances of ink movement (setting free the trapped ink pigments) thus accelerating the fading of the tattoo.

The natural products are capable to produce this apoptotic action which enables our own body's immune system to break up the foreign tattoo ink pigments which eventually are flushed out with the help of lymphatic system.

For example, there's a magic herb that significantly increases the collagen content of cell layer fibronectin, is anti-inflammatory and stimulates wound healing with its ingredients asiaticoside. Asiatic acid is the constituent responsible for the collagen synthesis stimulation (occurs in dermal layers where the tattoo ink is found)

There are so many other natural products and ingredients that have these amazing properties that basically activates our own body's immune system to do the job without hurting you, without leaving scars, without spending $300 per session.

You can learn the whole list of these natural ingredients and how to remove a tattoo naturally here at Get Rid Tattoo website.

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